About Robert M. Cicione, LCSW

Author of Trauma Relief Unlimited, One of the Most Powerful and Effective Methods of Trauma Relief Known Today!

Robert is the author of Trauma Relief Unlimited. A licensed psychotherapist for more than thirty years, he has provided individual, group, family and couple counseling in private practice to adults, adolescents and children. He has consulted with more than 20 corporate, religious, educational and human service agencies. His consultations have included five hospitals and the F.B.I.

As a trauma specialist, Robert served as the chief consultant to the department of neurosciences of a major urban hospital. In this capacity for three years he provided individual and consultation services to physically injured patients. He has also been a consultant to The College Board providing several violence prevention seminars and workshops to inner city youths prone to violence.

Robert M. Cicione, LCSW received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Providence College in 1972 and a Masters degree in clinical social work from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work in 1977.

He has been clinical director of a residential counseling center for adolescents and a coordinator of the psychiatric unit of a regional health center.

Robert Cicione is a former Visiting Research Associate at Brown University Department of Psychology and Neurosciences. Much of his trauma research was completed in conjunction with Brown University and the Rhode Island Foundation.


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Typically Trauma Relief Unlimited services are provided on an individual basis.

These services are sometimes insurance reimbursable.