Trauma Relief Unlimited (T.R.U.)

Anxiety, Stress and Trauma Relief

One of the Most Powerful and Effective Methods of Trauma Relief Known Today!

Robert M. Cicione, LCSW

The Trauma Relief Unlimited, (T.R.U.) Method


The T.R.U. method has been developed in the past fourteen years of clinical practice. More than three thousand trauma survivors have been successfully treated. Those treated have been survivors of physical abuse, molestation, rape, car accidents, industrial accidents, robberies, assaults, explosions, burns, shootings and other traumas. T.R.U. was used successfully in New York to treat 9/11 survivors and in Rhode Island to treat survivors of the Station Night Club Fire. Witnesses of trauma have also been successfully treated. In all cases, an initial Psychosocial Evaluation was used to identify trauma survivors and to establish a baseline for treatment.


In this T.R.U. Research Study John Briere’s nationally recognized Trauma Symptoms Inventory was used for before and after testing and measurement. A second data stream resulted from weekly patient reports. Before and after treatment comparisons of test scores and patient reports were made to gauge reduction and/or extinction of common symptoms including flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety attacks, violent episodes and other effects. Depression levels were also tracked weekly using a five point grading system of mental status reports. T.R.U. is a trauma relief method for reducing and eliminating symptoms of post traumatic stress and not a cure for depression. However, dramatic reductions in depression levels have been observed when the traumatic material is eliminated. In this Research Study each subject received one Psychosocial Evaluation and three, 45 minute, weekly T.R.U. treatments.


The T.R.U. method, although technically not Art Therapy, was derived from that model. I am often asked, “ Is T.R.U. Art Therapy, or not?” That is like asking, “is baseball cricket?” One was derived from the other, yet, one would not say baseball is cricket. One might think of T.R.U. as a streamlined, short- cut version of traditional Art Therapy made user-friendly for all ages. Instead of traditional Art Therapy drawings, the T.R.U. treatment involves guiding a survivor through a series of pre-determined, hand movements or exercises in a psychological protocol designed to activate the right hemisphere of the brain.


The subject is guided through these movements by the T.R.U therapist removing traumatic imprinting. Although only a handful of actual traumatic events are treated, each treatment often results in the removal of the effects of scores, or even hundreds, of episodes. For instance, one person who experienced more than 1500 violent, physical abuse episodes over a 12-year period was completely freed of symptoms in 4 T.R.U. applications. One-episode traumas, such as rape or assault have been routinely treated in one, 45 minute T.R.U. treatment. Even more remarkably I have not observed, or had reported, one case of recurrence once the symptoms of a traumatic event have been extinguished. Adults have only been treated in this study, however, those ages 5-81 have been successfully treated.


The T.R.U. method offers the possibility of breaking “the cycle of abuse”. Because of the high level and reliability of extinction a person is often freed of the prospect of further abuse or of abusing others. Thus, the likelihood of others being abused and, in turn, becoming abusive is greatly minimized. The fact that treatment occurs so quickly and without recurrence offers hope for dramatically reducing the level of existing abuse or of proliferation. This study demonstrates the replication capacity of the T.R.U. methodology. A non-trauma specialist was able to achieve statistical significance in 8 of 10 measured categories of treatment with only 12 forty-five minute training sessions. (Note Therapist comparison graphs, figures). These findings offer hope for widespread T.R.U. training programs.


The T.R.U. method is a safe and natural one using no drugs, aversive stimuli or other potentially harmful processes. The only tools are a 12”X18” drawing pad and a set of non-permanent, non-toxic markers.

Much of the T.R.U. method is non-verbal sparing the survivor the need to recount emotionally disturbing traumas. Nor do survivors experience aversive reactions such as vomiting or flashbacks during treatment. Rarely are patients observed to be out of control in any way during treatment. The aftermath of treatment is also fairly benign with only infrequent occurrences of fatigue or mild confusion. These short-term effects are usually gone in 12-15 hours following treatment. The effects of subsequent treatments are even less probable, frequent or intense.


Although symptom relief is the desired effect to reduce and alleviate suffering, perhaps, the long-term freeing of psychic energy for better functioning is the greatest benefit of T.R.U.. Longitudinal and follow-up studies not only reduce the possibility of placebo effects but also demonstrate T.R.U. staying power. Improved growth and health of the trauma survivor continues long after treatment has been concluded.


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